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About the company

OJSC “Mondi Business Paper Syktyvkar” is one of the largest producers of Russian pulp and paper industry. The company is a member of international Mondi Group (Mondi Business Paper division), which is a forest and paper division of Anglo American plc (public listed company). Mondi Business Paper Group specialize in production of UCWF (uncoated wood free) paper and owns production capacities in Austria, Hungary, Israel, Slovakia, Russia and South Africa.

MBPSY operates one board machine and three papermaking machines. Total production capacity is above 750 thousand tons of paper a year. The mill comprises a wood yard, a pulp plant with annual pulp capacity of 720 thousand tons, a power plant with generation capacity of double total mill demand, and the whole complex of effluent treatment facilities.

In addition MBPSY controls 13 logging operations in the Komi Republic, which supply wood to the mill.

The total number of employees in MBPSY Group is 13,8 thousand people. Considering indirect employment the company creates workplaces for 28 thousand people. Total number of people dependent upon MBPSY on their livelihood is 100 thousand.

MBPSY delivers approx 40 percent of total UCWF paper market in Russia and CIS, and produces newsprint and linerboard (“white top-liner” and “craft-liner”).