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Supplier information

CC Purchasing Business Principles

We support free enterprise as the system best able to contribute to the efficiency of our business.

We are aware that without profits and strong financial foundation of our business partners it would not be possible to fulfill our own responsibility to shareholders, employees, society and those with whom we do business.

We never disclose commercial information of performed deals and tenders. Contracts with suppliers are made on different terms depending from specific circumstances, but in most cases the contracts are made based on remunerativeness and profitability.

Considering the experience and knowledge of our suppliers we appreciate their initiatives aimed at improvement of supply chain efficiency and business relations and as a result our profitability improvement.

We respect the laws and regulations applicable to our business and our relations with suppliers. We fairly and honestly fulfill our responsibilities to contractors.

We are implacably opposed to corruption. We will not offer, pay or accept bribes or condone anti-competitive practices in our dealings, and our employees avoid any conflicts between their personal financial interests and their responsibilities to their employer.